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Career Development and Getting Promoted is Tougher Than It Looks...

  • Personal development is expensive.
  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working.
  • You’re leaving promotions and your career up to chance.
  • There’s so much information you're on overload.
  • Nobody has given you a plan.
  • None of the company trainings have made a difference.

​High Potential Leaders get promoted. Other leaders get passed over. Which are you?

How You Lead and Conduct Yourself Will Either Increase or Impede Your Upward Mobility

Clarify Your Direction

Identify where you want to go. Understand why you want to go. Stay motivated on the journey.

Adapt your approach

​Build stronger teams, get more consistent results and become more effective & influential.

​become a high potential leader

​You'll have a proven system to help you climb the corporate ladder.

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​How Can You Know You're On Track to Becoming A High Potential Leader?

  • ​Have you been passed over for 1 or more promotions?
  • ​Do you feel like your career is stalled?
  • ​Does your team have high turn over?
  • ​Is your team suffering from low morale?
  • ​Are you feeling burnt out?
  • ​Do you feel you can be promoted any further in your organization?

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High Potential Leaders

Access to an Executive Coach

You will have access to Dr. David Arrington and his team in the Facebook group and if you are one of the first 15 enrolled you will also receive 1 month of group coaching.

Regain Control of Your Career & Team

During this course you will learn how position yourself for promotions and how to create the environment where your team will want to perform at a higher level.

​Lifetime Access

When you enroll you will have lifetime access to this course. You can return to any and all modules at your leisure and on your schedule.

Immediate Access

When you enroll you will receive immediate access to ​module 1 and the workbook and the remaining modules will be released weekly​.

​Portable Skills

The leadership skills you will learn in High Potential Leaders will help you climb the ladder at your current organization or your next organization.

Strategic Advantage

The leadership approach and mindset taught in High Potential Leaders will set you apart from your colleagues and help you to stand out based on your team's results.

Here’s what people are saying about
working with Dr. David Arrington

You are getting the ​proven and refined ​insights ​​that we've shared with hundreds of leaders ​through one-on-one coaching, training, and keynotes. ​

​Laren Bland

​Non-Profit Executive Director

​Gets straight to the point without the fluff

​David never disappoints - whether he is serving as a panelist, giving a motivational speech or leading a thought provoking presentation - you'll walk away from the event with a new idea/concept. David is one of those people that doesn't give you a lot of fluff - he gets straight to the content and doesn't waste your time telling you cliche tips and tricks.

​Jeannie Hobbs

​Owner, Hobbs Studio

​Helped me focus on what was important

​One of the most important aspects of our time together was the way he was able to break our goals into manageable steps, how to prioritize the details and shine a light on the objective as a whole. In doing so, I felt like I was able to focus on what was important and productive, rather than wasting valuable time spinning my wheels.

​Kathy Scott

​President, Signature Management Corp

​Instrumental in increasing my self-awareness

​David was instrumental in my increasing self-awareness and improving performance as an executive. ​Working with Arrington Coaching kept my development goals aligned with the organization's goals and strategies. This ​strengthened my value to the organization.

​Here's What's Inside ​High Potential Leaders!

8 Advanced Skills. 8 Powerful Secrets.


Finding Your Focus

When was the last time you thought about what you really wanted. When was the last time you thought about why you want what you want? I will walk you through a process to help you clarify your desires and prioritize them so your next steps will be in the right direction.


Finding Allies

You won't get far alone. I will show you have to meet the right people and how to connect with them so that they become allies not just acquaintances.


What's Next

How do you know when it's time to move on? I will show you how to avoid spending your life working in a job that doesn't fulfill you and how to get top dollar for your talents.


Becoming in Demand

Understand what you offer and how you can best leverage and build on those skills. Weigh all of your career options and make an important shift in your mindset.


Winning Hearts and Minds

I will help you to create or improve your perception in your organization and beyond, increasing your authority and influence along the way.


Becoming a High Potential Leader

I will highlight the leadership skills that you will need to become a High Potential LEADER. These skills will help you to align your teams, motivate and engage your employees, and leverage all of the resources at your disposal.


Setting the Stage for High-Performance

The environment you establish or allow determines the level of performance, productivity, and morale. ​In this module I will bring it all together and show you how to create a culture of high performance.


BONUS: Juggling Multiple Projects

​With more work to do and fewer people to do it you will juggle multiple projects. There's an art and a science to delivering multiple high-profile projects simultaneously without dropping them. I will walk you through how to make it happen.


​More resources to help you.

Bonus 1
First 15 to Register Receive Group Coaching with David

​If you are one of the first 15 ​people to ​enroll you will be placed in a coaching pod and ​receive ​2 sessions of ​​group coaching at no additional cost.

​You will receive individualized coaching and learn from others in your pod.

This month of coaching will help you to clarify your goals and make more rapid progress as you work to become a ​High ​Potential Leader.

Participation in this coaching group is valued at $400.

Bonus 2
30 Days of Success Personal Development Course

​30 Days of Success is one of our personal development courses. This course will help you ​clarify your goals, create an action plan, and crystallize your vision of success.

​This course​ allows you to create an action plan that will help you be successful at home as well as at work. 

This course includes 30 short motivational videos, a 45-page downloadable workbook, and walks you through the process of breaking old habits and ways of thinking and creating new habits.

This course is a $297 value.

Bonus 3
Access to High Potentials our Private Facebook ​Community

​You will receive access to High Potentials ​our members-only facebook group. Here you will have access to this community of driven, capable leaders from many industries.

You will be able to ask and answer questions as we grow together.

I will be in the group answering questions as well.

About The Course Teacher,
​Dr. David Arrington

​Dr. David Arrington has been ​coaching senior leaders ​to lead more effectively for over 10 years. He's ​held leadership roles for over 15 years, including being Worldwide Recruiting Manager for a Fortune 100 company. ​

David holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership and functions as a thinking partner and sounding board for executives in multiple industries.

He created ​High Potential Leaders because he ​wanted to ​give leaders, like you, the tools, confidence, and ability to reclaim control of their careers.

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